Mattress Cleaning In Singapore

Having been a part of the cleaning industry for years, there’s one thing our team knows for sure: all mattresses are a hub of allergens and dust mites. Regardless of how often you change your sheets or clean your bed, you won’t be able to drive the allergens away without a proper wash.Since you spend a significant part of your day on a mattress, its cleanliness should be your top priority - as it is ours. Offering top-notch mattress cleaning in Singapore, we’re equipped with the necessary skills and cleaning machinery to remove pet dander, dead skin cells, and dust from your mattresses.

Our cleaners provide expert mattress care, ensuring that you don’t fall prey to respiratory issues due to the poor hygiene of your sleeping place. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of mattress cleaning Singapore services that you can couple to form a full-fledged cleaning session.Even better, we offer these mattress cleaning Singapore services at unbelievably reasonable prices because no one should have to compromise on health.

What Solutions Do We Provide

Keeping our clients’ needs in mind, we have expanded our services over the years. Today, we specialize in the removal of dust mites and years-old stains from your mattresses and upholstery. In doing so, we assure 100% satisfaction since our customers’ response matters largely to us. We use professional equipment and organic detergents for all our services, freeing you of the worry of hypoallergenic cleaners.

Since our cleaning methods are harmless for pets and children, your family is in safe hands. To a novice, mattress cleaning may seem like an ordinary task, but we know the technique and methodology that goes into perfecting it. That’s why all our cleaners are certified and fully insured.

Dust Mite Sanitation for Mattresses

Dust Mite Sanitation for Mattresses

Long-term exposure to dust mites can dramatically impact your health, especially deteriorating the condition of people who suffer from asthma

Likewise, if you suffer from allergies, dust mites will surely make them worse. Why put up with this when you can give us a call and get rid of the problem in a day?

Our powerful cleaning machinery rids your mattresses of dust mites. Yes, even the ones that haven’t been washed in years. Once you hire us, let go of your worries. Our experts work their magic on your mattresses, making them the haven that they’re supposed to be.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

The furniture in your house is what makes it a home. Everything from the recliners to the sofas adds a soul to your home

Therefore, they require extra care and attention. Every now and then, they need to be cleaned to ensure longevity.

Irrespective of the fabric used in the upholstery, we have the right cleaning method for it. From brocade and polyester to velour and velvet, we know how to make every fabric look as good as new.

Plus, our cleaning techniques do not damage the material, nor do they remove the sheen of glossier fabrics. Since our cleaners have an eye for it, they’ll find every spot and stain that has missed your sight.

As a result, your upholstery will look as if you’ve just ordered it from the store. Most importantly, we use eco-friendly and organic cleaners that are safe for your family and the environment.

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Stain and Odor Removal for Mattresses

Stain and Odor Removal for Mattresses

Do you have an old food or wine stain on your mattress that won’t go away no matter how many DIY hacks you try? Well, it’s time to stop putting

in more elbow grease because stubborn stains need special attention.

Whether you’re bothered by a large stain or your mattress stinks due to everything it has been through the years, you can call us without a second thought. We specialize in cleaning even the oldest and smelliest mattresses – yours is probably an easier one of our jobs

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Our Promise

Let’s start by saying that we have dealt with hundreds of mattresses and made numerous clients happy. At this point, it has become our legacy, and we aim to continue it. We’re confident that our safety and cleaning protocols are top of the line. Otherwise, we would not guarantee efficiency and satisfaction. While quick, our process is not rushed because we take our time to make sure we haven’t left even an inch of your mattress unclean.

Long story short, we promise satisfaction, utmost attention to detail, effective performance, professional service, and unwavering dedication to only using the safest cleaning protocols

Why Choose Us?

It’s easy to make claims, but we put our efforts into delivering them. We deem our clients’ satisfaction is our biggest achievement. Thus, as soon as you book an appointment with us, we get into action - doing our best to make your experience pleasant.

Updated Methods

While we could easily work with traditional methods, as most other companies do, we decided to take it up a notch and indulge in modern cleaning techniques. Our cleaning staff is always learning new tips and tricks from professional veterans in the field.


Cleaning cotton isn’t the same as cleaning velvet. With tons of fabrics available for upholstery these days, we’re always learning about the safe cleaning processes for different materials. No matter which fabric your upholstery has, we can clean it without discoloring or damaging it. Plus, we’ve picked up fool-proof stain-removing techniques for different materials over the years.

Sufficient Training

Our staff is out in the field, giving you the best service there is. Since we believe in utilizing new techniques and learning constantly, our team undergoes regular training sessions. When you hire us, you and your mattresses are in safe hands. From ensuring proper cleaning to minimizing chemical usage, we’ve got it covered.

Hypoallergenic Cleaning Solutions

Almost every household has allergy-sufferers, and we’re considerate of their woes. That’s why we exclusively use organic and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions that won’t agitate or irritate anyone in the home. All our cleaners are safe for pets and kids, being home and environment-friendly.

High-End Equipment

Even with the best cleaning team, we couldn’t offer such impeccable performance if it wasn’t for our equipment. Throughout the years, we have invested in high-end machines that can remove the toughest stains and the grimiest dust mites. Besides increasing our efficiency, the equipment also speeds up the job, cleaning your mattresses instantly.

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    Our Techniques

    From start to finish, we use only the most effective and tested techniques for cleaning your mattresses.

    Anti-Bacterial Spraying

    You might think a mattress is perfectly clean. But that’s only because your eyes are not microscopes. Millions of bacteria reside in unclean mattresses. Thus, we spray them with anti-bacterial solutions to make them germ-free

    Wet Extraction

    In this last step of mattress cleaning, we use wet extraction to remove stains from the fabric, making your mattress a visual delight


    Whether it’s your child’s pee or sweat, a smelly mattress is not a comfortable place to rest. We use organic deodorizers to remove even the most noxious smells.

    High-tech Vacuuming

    Even your oh-so-powerful Dyson won’t do any good against dust mites hiding in the folds of your mattress. Our state-of-the-art machinery easily gets rid of everything plaguing the mattress.


    Our sanitization technique is hands down one of the best parts of the process since it freshens up the mattress.


    We practice consistency in terms of quality and training since both go hand in hand. All our employees undergo training sessions to learn the latest and safest methods of tree removal. Moreover, we’re the pioneers of employing modern techniques for tree cutting and pruning. Since their services are honed continuously, our employees can tackle even the most challenging tree issues.

    Although home remedies work for smaller stains and quick fixes, they won’t do much to remove months full of nasty stuff in your mattress. To tackle that, you can put your trust in your machinery, expertise, and cleaning solutions.

    How We Clean Your Mattress

    Unfortunately, many mattress deep cleaning services aren’t entirely effective since they’re still using outdated methods that are proven to be of no use. Over the years, we have found the correct cleaning technique that works every time without any undesired results.

    Therefore, you can trust our mattress cleaning services to be safe, quick, and effective. Keeping our clients’ health into consideration, we emphasize using naturally-made cleaners. They offer the same performance as chemical-laden cleaning solutions - but with no health concerns.

    Step 1: We start by spraying your mattress with an organic cleaning agent. Then, we use our machinery to agitate the mattress, loosening the dirt and debris. Special equipment is used for this process.

    Step 2: Now, we remove the visible stains from the mattress, restoring it to its original appearance.

    Step 3: This step involves steam cleaning the mattress to rid it of the remaining debris. Therefore, any dust that was not removed in the first step is not eliminated from the mattress.

    Step 4: Lastly, we rinse the mattress using a pH-balanced solution to remove allergens and dust mites. Since all our cleaning agents are enzyme-based, they do a terrific job of breaking apart the dead skin.

    Viola! Your mattress is sanitized, comfortable, and fresh as ever.

    Mattress Cleaning Singapore


    Experts suggest cleaning a mattress at least twice a year. Most people turn a blind eye to this and continue sleeping on dirty mattresses that can lead to health concerns.
    Keep in mind that washing your sheets isn’t equivalent to cleaning the mattress. Sure enough, you should change the bedding at least once every week to remove sweat, oil, and other fluids.
    However, everything seeps from the bedding to the fabric of the mattress underneath. Thus, it’s essential to clean your mattress at least two times every year. Simply hire a mattress deep cleaning service, and you’ll be good to go. After all, it’s an investment you’re making in your health

    While it may seem like the easier and more economical thing to do, it’s not the healthiest or the safest. For one, you don’t have the appropriate equipment at home to clean your mattress. Simply vacuuming it won’t do the job. You also have to clean the stains, remove dust mites, and get rid of the dead skin cells.
    Secondly, vacuuming yourself can actually make the problem worse. Professional mattress cleaners are experts at their job. Therefore, they know the right way to vacuum a mattress.
    If you do it at home, you’ll most likely end up blowing the dust all over the room or, even worse – yourself. That can lead to an allergic response or a coughing episode, at the least.
    Instead, you should avail our budget-friendly mattress cleaning services that free you of the hassle of cleaning.

    Cleaning a mattress can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours, depending on how big and dirty it is. Often, the process takes longer because there are many steps involved.
    Firstly, the cleaners pre-treat the mattress to loosen the dirt. Next, they sanitize, steam clean, dry steam, and vacuum it. Finally, they give it allergy treatment and let it dry.
    After cleaning, you should let the mattress dry overnight or until there’s no trace of moisture. Do not make your bed immediately as damp bedding serves as a home for mold.

    Yes, why not. We have cleaned mattresses that had lost their original appearance. With proper technique and cleaning methods, it’s possible to revive a mattress. We have designed our mattress stain remover Singapore services for dealing with stubborn stains since most people don’t clean their mattresses for years.
    Whatever you have in store for us, we’re prepared for it. However, if a mattress is physically damaged or heavily stained, it’s not possible to bring it back to its original condition.